Tuesday, June 24, 2008

true randomness

Before I start, I'm giving you a heads up that I have a lot of randomness going on and I'll be changing the subject lots. So don't try to connect one paragraph to another. You'll get confused. :)

So I've been spending the last few hours getting high off teacher shopping! I JUST LOVE ALL THAT TEACHER CRAP! If you're a new teacher you know exactly what I'm talking about! So many choices: calendars, pocket charts, alphabet sets, color sets, shape sets, number sets, bulletin boards, curriculum books, adfkgjhadsgkjhfasdlkgasdf;lhgadstlk;hjr. DO YOU SEE HOW EXCITED I AM??????? I'll post pix as soon as I get my classroom organized! I'M TOTALLY LOVING THIS!

So we're at the mall on Friday, (I told you,) and Hubby and I are watching the kids play in the kids' area. I jump at the LOUD DEEP sound of "THIS KID JUST SPIT ON MY KID! IS THIS YOUR SON?" I fearfully look over to find it is NOT my son, thank heavens, but immediately feel remorse for the mom whose son it was. Does that make sense? This man just keeps yelling! He goes around to each parent until he finds "the one", a little old lady scared out of her granny pannies. I thought he was gonna take the lady out! He told her she better deal with her son and assure it doesn't happen again, yatta yatta. He then tells his son, "He spits on you again you kick his ass." Wow, great parenting skills sir, except sir does not fit here at all. Did I mention this all happened as he was standing OUTSIDE the play area. Pretty sure he echoed throughout the entire mall. Whoa. Was I thankful that was not my son...this time. However I pray my son would know better.

We still haven't received Otter's EEG results yet. I called yesterday and they said it would be a few more days.

Do you ever wake up so pissed because you had the most perfect dream and then woke up to realize what your life REALLY was? I had one of those this morning. Ruined my entire day. Just gave me that ucky gut feeling. Don't get me wrong, I love my life. Hubby and I have actually been doing great lately, and my meds appear to be working. Holla! But let's face it, reality is reality.

Ok, I think I'll be done with my randomness for right now. Later.

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The Mom Jen said...

Former K/1 teacher and LOVED going to the teacher stores!! Like a kid in a candy shop! I feel the same way now about going to scrapbook stores and shops that sell ONLY chocolate!

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