Tuesday, June 24, 2008

trivia tuesday: friends

Rules: You CAN'T look up the answers, just give it your best shot.

On NBC's Friends:
1) What was the name of the man Rachel left at the altar?
2) What was the name of the person Ross's wife left him for?
3) What was the name of Phoebe's twin sister?

Please leave your answer by commenting. If you have no idea, tell me you have no idea! Give it your best shot! Remember, no looking up the answers, that's cheating! I'll post the comments and reveal the answer and winners next week.

Last week: Ivory
Winners: none

6 cleansing comments:

Vicki said...

I rarely watched the show but here's a shot:
1) No clue
2) It was a female
3) Ursula

The Mom Jen said...

WOoooo!! I know these!

1. Barry

2. Susan Bunch

3. Ursula

Angela said...

Okay, I can't resist this one, even though it's Wednesday now. 1)I really don't know...Ross?
2)Didn't his wife turn out to be a lesbian?....Her name was Carol and the name Susan is ringing a bell, oh crap, maybe it's Sharon...no Susan...oh, it's one of those right?
3)Definitely Ursula...never liked the name and that part of the storyline was always a little bizarre to me.
Thanks, I had fun trying to remember that! Have a great day!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

1) Barry
2) Susan
3) Ursula...I think

Friends is one of my absolute favorites! My husband and I still watch the reruns and crack up every time. :)

Ramblin' Red said...

1.) Barry _______ DDS
2.) Emily
3.) Ursula

I miss my Friends!

Here from Cheaper than Therapy

ugagirl30 said...

Okay, I just commented someone the other day that I wanted to do a weekly Friends trivia.

1: can't remember.

2: Susan

3: Ursula

I'm gonna post some questions tomorrow. Check it out to play along: http://thebowenchaos.blogspot.com

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