Friday, March 5, 2010

friday fragments & follow

Welcome Friday Followers & Fragmenters! Take a look around. And may I please say without offending, if you're not going to read this post or any other post on my blog please don't bother commenting. And please come back and join me for my new blog carnival, Movie Monday.

I'm thinking is getting real pissed off at me and my countless emails. Change your settings people! Love ya!

It disturbs me that honey doesn't have any Nutrition Facts on the label and only says WARNING: Do not feed to infants under one year of age.

I don't understand baby products that are designed with creepy dead skinless faces skulls. If you're a parent who likes this, please explain.

Last week Otter's school had a Green Eggs & Ham breakfast in honor of Dr. Seuss. They wasted a heck of a lotta food because no one could stomach it. The mind is a powerful thing folks. It may taste the same but it just looks gross. Next year let's try yellow eggs mkay? Or at least have the ham separate from the eggs.

I saw the preview for Robert Pattinson's new movie. Sorry Edward, you will always be a vampire to me.

I am all the sudden totally over facebook. I would much rather read about the lives of strangers bloggy friends than my actual friends.

We spent $432 last week to get our mini-van's heater fixed and brakes replaced. When I turned on the heater on Tuesday the damn thing was rattling. I was banging my head on the steering wheel practically in tears when I realized there was a plastic bag covering the vent. Oops.

I participated in Shell & Supah's Just Dance Your Bloggy Off! I really truly thought my score was bad at the time but I totally rocked it! I was only going to be satisfied with all GREATS and a few OK's and that wasn't happening. I'm not competitive at all. Go watch me dance!

For more Friday Fragments visit Half Past Kissin' Time.

Have a great weekend!

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Vicki said...

you make me laugh =) and I needed it

Vicki said...

you make me laugh =) and I needed it

Shannon said...

I, too, don't understand why people don't add their email to their Blogger profile.

And I'm over FB, too. In fact, I recently deleted my account. I'd rather blog or tweet!

Stephanie said...

I like the new layout! And I am with you on FB- I have way more fun on blogger :)

Hissyfits & Halos said...

I made green eggs and ham for my girls....same response! ;)

Edward will always be a vampire...he should never be able to play any other role. It's just creepy. (ironic, isn't it?)

I loved the dance. I laughed so hard! :)

Together We Save said...

No facebook here! I wish companies wouldn't have so many freebies attached to Facebook!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

My momma gave Baby Girl a taste of honey just before she turned 1! I freaked out! BG was fine. And skulls on kid's clothes really bothers me.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I don't know why I even did the Friday Follow for a second round this week. I CAN NOT stand that many don't even read the post...they just paste in their blog pitch.

I think we should come up with a different Friday Follow...for those of us who are looking for blogs we want to follow...not to follow just to follow.

I am so proud of each of my followers because up until this week they were readers. UGH!

Do you follow back if they follow you buy you can tell they didn't read their post?! I am torn what to do...but I don't want blogs I am not interested in cluttering my googlereader stuff.

Chelle said...

So happy that Supah and Shell let me find your blog--I heart you and the way you think!

The skull thing. Don't get it. At all...esp if someone gives you something with them on there. I prefer flowers. Or polka dots. Whatevs. Just not those...

Ugh! The no-reply thing bugs me...!

Green eggs...ew! I wouldn't be able to eat them either!

I'd much rather talk and read about my blog friends lives. Way more interesting :)

Have a happy weekend, hun! xo

tatum810 said...

I am now following from FF..You are being put in my fav. blogs because you made me laugh my butt off at the heater thing in your van..

Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Friday Following! Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

Congrats on your Dancing Win!! I loved your singing too! :)

Yeah, what is up with the skulls??? I really don't get it.

Jessica said...

I'm your newest follower!

Meg said...

Oh, wow, your new blog decor ROCKS! I love it!!!

Yeah, I saw the preview for the movie too, and Robert is Edward. End of story. Poor guy.

Melissa said...

LMAO! I haven't been on facebook in months! People I don't know are so much more interesting!

So green eggs not such a good idea? I was thinking about doing that for St. Patrick's Day. Hmmm...

Brandi said...

I used to love FB but I HATE the new layout, it's not reader friendly and seriously who has time to blog and fb? Not I! :)

Have a great Sunday!

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