Thursday, April 8, 2010

people in review #10

Could Jeffrey Dahmer Have Killed John Walsh's Son?
I don't get it. How does new evidence just "appear" 30 years later?

POLL: Which Celeb Pulled Off the Funniest April Fools' Prank?
Some were good. Some were dumb. 44% voted for this: Joel McHale hacked into Ryan Seacrest's Twitter account, revealed the American Idol host's embarrassing password (thirdnipple!) and caused an online traffic jam. "Whoops. Looks like I crashed your website again. Sorry ry ry. ;-)" McHale wrote.

Are You a Die-Hard Twi-Hard? Prove it!

Kate Gosselin Was 'Frightened' Watching Herself on DWTS
You should be. Sorry Kate. You still suck. Bad.

Teens Headed to Court in Phoebe Prince Bullying Death
What is this world coming to?

Usher's Advice on Parenting: Don't Wear White
So very true.

Gerard Butler Has Romantic Rendezvous with French TV Host

POLL: Who Should Play John Edwards on the Big Screen?
How about we not make a movie about John Edwards?

Jesse James Loves Sandra Bullock 'More Than Anything in His Life'

Tiger Woods Confirms Elin Nordegren Will Skip the Masters
Good call.

Heidi Montag Says Real Life Is More Dramatic Than The Hills
You make EVERYTHING dramatic. Wacko.

Nicollette Sheridan Sues Over Housewives Firing, Alleges Assault on Set
WTH? Where did that come from?

DWTS: Evan and Anna Quickstep Into the Lead
And he danced on broken toes! They pretty much rocked.

Ailing Dennis Hopper to Pay $12,000 a Month to Estranged Wife
Man, I really need to find me a rich husband to divorce.

Micropremie Josie Duggar Leaves Hospital
Weighing a little over 4 lbs at 4 months. And Michelle is pregnant! Haha. Just Kidding.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Split
Again....Where did that come from?

Jon Gosselin Sues Kate for Primary Custody
What's the matter Jon? Not enough attention from the press lately? "Okay, I'll just sue for custody, that oughta work." Get real. 82% agree he shouldn't get custody.

Kate Gosselin Returns to TV with Her Kids
Twist of Kate and Kate + 8. 62% said they wouldn't watch, myself included.

9 cleansing comments:

Shell said...

Love your line about finding a rich husband to divorce! I need one of those, too!

Kmama said...

I love this!! Kate Gosselin scared me when she was dancing this week. I don't think she knows how to walk in heels and I think that's her problem!!

Mommy Lisa said...

I don't need the rich hubby - I need a winning powerball ticket!

These stories slay me...seriously some are WTHECK? Jon Gosslien needs a new hobby.

Jessica said...

I didnt hear about that Jeffery Dahmer thing.Wow. Also, I was cracking up at jimmy falons impression of Kates dance. It was better than her actual dance. Funny stuff!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I wish Tiger would have skipped the Masters. The only reason Kate is still on is because she's bringing in the ratings.

Mrs4444 said...

Love, love, love this post idea. Wish I'd thought of it first! haha

Too bad Jesse James doesn't love SB more than any WOMAN in his life. Bastard!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I never watched J&K+8, and I've only really seen her on DWTS. I'm already tired of her!

WonderWomanWannabe said...

All I ask is for Kate to fall on her tookus while dancing. FUN!

Jesse shoulda figured that out BEFORE. Shamey-shamey, Jesse.

Matty said...

Oh nice idea doing this post. I love your take on each one.

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